12 Nights of Prayer!

Wives, we all know that if the enemy could have his way, he would ultimately destroy our husbands. We also know God’s perfect plan for our marriage and the assignment that we’ve been given to be a helper to our husbands. Lately God has been reminding me not to give the enemy any ground by not being on my post (my prayer post). Many battles are won simply by us using the powerful weapon of prayer. Our husbands need us praying for them daily and I’ve seen God change things in and for my husband as a result of prayer.

As I take my rightful place and pray for my husband, I invite you to join me. I know that some of our husbands may be in different seasons, but one thing we all have in common is that prayer is needed for each of them. There are TONS of prayers that we can pray over our husbands. God has given me 12 specific areas to pray concerning our husbands. However, you are not limited to just these 12 areas, let the Holy Spirit guide you but know these 12 areas are GOOD as well!

December 1-12, we will be taking out time to really intercede for our husbands. After we’ve put the kids to bed, wrapped up all our daily to-do items or whatever you do to end your day; let’s bombard heaven on behalf of our husbands! My FAITH is BIG and I’m believing God that some husbands will be saved, strengthened, encouraged, healed and blessed from prayers.

Oh yeah, for those that may not be married, you can even pray for your FUTURE husband!! Let me tell you, God gives the desires of our hearts and you can make your request known honey:)


12 Nights of Prayer Journal

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