A little about this millennial mom….

My hope is that as I live my life, others can be helped, encouraged and strengthened by my actions, words, and love shown!

I’m not one that likes attention but because I think it’s fair for you to know a little about me ? here’s a quick list. ?‍♀️?

* I’m a lover of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

*I’m a proud preacher of the Gospel that loves to share God’s truth

* My daily life consist of loving my husband of almost 13 years, raising our 6 amazing children, and being the hands and feet of Jesus!

* My happiest moments are when I spend quality time with my man!!! I love my children and other family too but he just knows how to make me happy in every area?

* I’m a homeschooling mom of 7 years. I still can’t believe this one?

* I love all things that have to do with organization…..planners, binders, bins, stickers, pretty colored markers, more planners, and more cool colored markers!! You get the picture!

* I also love to braid my daughter’s hair. I know it’s a little strange but it’s relaxing and I’m glad that my mom taught me how to braid hair.

* I enjoy good movies, tv shows, and studying the Bible.(not in that order but you get it)

* I have a HUGE list of places I plan to travel to with my family.

* My top picks for food are pizza, almonds, and cheesecake?

* Mothers have a special place in my heart, which is why I want this blog to be a blessing to every mother reading it!

* If I can give anyone one piece of advise that they can apply to their life, it would be, “Don’t try to do life without God!”