??? MOMMAS???

We are all busy making sure we take care of others that often we place ourselves last. From the day to day duties that we all have, to the planning of major events in our families, sometimes we give nothing to ourselves. This is true to both the working and stay at home mom.

As a homeschool mom of seven years, I’ve learned to MAKE time for myself. At one point of my life, I literally was running off of fumes. I was going, giving, and sacrificing but never taking the time to replenish. And let me tell you, this momma was no fun to be around. I think me and my family had a “you need some me time” moment. I’ve learned that I have to make time. Even when it looked like time wasn’t available, I made time.

Over the years, there’s certain things that I’ve personally learned to do to ensure that I get replenished, refreshed and refocused. Take a look below and I hope that you ladies will try some of these. You’ll thank me later!!


1. Spend that quiet time before all the little feet hit the floor in the morning ?

2. Try a new restaurant (purchase just for you and hubby). ?

3. Manicure and pedicure ?

4. Window shop (this is no fun with kids?)

5. Take a momma vacation (without your spouse) ?

6.  Buy “yourself” something- this can be so hard sometimes?

7. Get a new hairstyle ?‍♀️

8. Have lunch with a friend ?

9. Keep your sex life popping (we’ll talk more about this in Marriage Moments) ?

10. Buy some new lingerie ??

11. Eat the dessert?

12. Listen to audio books/your favorite music with headphones while you watch the kids play ?

13. Join a momma support group

14. Try a new hobby ?‍♀️?‍♀️⛹️‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

15. Meet up with your friends for coffee or tea and DON’T talk the kids….just enjoy your friends?